Saturday, 24 September 2011


Hi again,

A lot of loyal readers and lovers of good books write to me requesting that I post some of the books in mobile formats so they can read it on their kindle, iPhone, ipad or pocket pc. I understand your pain because one of the major uses of these mobile devices is to be able to read your e-books anytime you want without stress. But look no further, your prayers are answered because I just found the most amazing software on the net today.

Its name is Calibre and it is the best thing that happened in the software world since Vuze. Some will think it’s not a big deal (we have better) but for a person that only uses her laptop to read e-books and play games and the occasional typing it’s really great. So what does it do!

Calibre can turn any e-book from one format to another. I am not talking of one or two formats but every format imaginable. Just think about it, EPUB to LIT, LIT to PDF, PDF to HTML, HTML to PDF; you name it.

This software changed my whole e-book reading experience, I have books in a lot of different formats and while they all have their appropriate readers most of them suck. Imagine reading a whole book in html or doc, very frustrating.

Even with the better ones, the interface is very horrible it’s not user friendly and undeniably not interactive (I won’t mention names). Plus we all know that most mobile readers are really exclusive when it comes to e-book formats. As a result I give up on the books.

But now all my troubles are over and if you are like me yours too, I can now read e-books in any format I want which of course is lit. I can even post books in any format that I want no matter what the original format was. Isn’t that great.

But that is not all, it has a reader too and a library where you can manage all your books from one location. It is very user friendly and anybody can use it even a novice like me. And the most important fact, it’s absolutely FREE…

Let me not waste your time, try it! GET IT NOW

Download Calibre