Sunday, 27 March 2011

No Strings, Just Books

Hello and welcome. I am a certified book addict and I decided to share my love for books with you by opening up my private collection of e-books for downloading. No strings attached, just free download of all your favorite authors. I know how hard it is to get books online, I have many experiences. Many e-book sites offer you free e-books download but there is always a catch. Many of these books come in very different formats but I will indicate the suitable readers for each of my books and links where it can be downloaded.

Reading a book can be fun but reviewing it at the end of a bad or good read can be much more fun. I will give my honest reviews and opinions on my favorite book and on my not so favorite. I will like you guys to also feel free to recommend books to readers and review the books in your own words. I urge you to send me your various orders and I will try my best to provide the books for you.

This books range from romance to fantasy and everything between, I don’t stick to a specific genre. Enjoy.

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