Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sidney Sheldon

Unarguably, he is one of the best authors to have blessed the earth. You can’t go wrong with a Sidney Sheldon novel and I’m sure all of you agree with me. Too bad there are no more of his books around. I personally recommend Master of the Game and If Tomorrow Comes.

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Rage Of Angels


At the heart of Rage of Angels stands the woman who is Sheldon’s most unforgettable creation.

Jennifer Parker is brilliant, beautiful and indomitable, the most glamorous lawyer in America and one of the most successful.

Her life is shadowed by two men, both of them powerful and both drawn irresistibly to her. One is the politician destined for greatness, who fathers her son. The other is the Mafia boss, her only ally when crisis strikes and the man who will bring her world crashing down.

If Tomorrow Comes


Lovely, idealistic Tracy Whitney is framed into a fifteen year sentence in an escape-proof penitentiary. With dazzling ingenuity she fights back to destroy the untouchable crime lords who put her there. With her intelligence and beauty as her only weapons, Tracy embarks on a series of extraordinary escapades that sweep her across the globe. In an explosive confrontation Tracy meets her equal in irresistible Jeff Stevens, whose past is as colorful as Tracy's.

Nothing Lasts Forever


In the frenetic world of a big San Francisco hospital, events catapult three women doctors into a white-hot spotlight.

Dr. Paige Taylor

She swore it was euthanasia, but when Paige inherited a million dollars from a patient, the District Attorney called it murder.

Dr. Kat Hunter

She vowed never to let a man too close again – until she accepted the challenge of a deadly bet.

Dr. Honey Taft

To make it in medicine, she knew she'd need something more than the brains God gave her.

Racing from the life and death decisions of the operating room to the tension-packed fireworks of a murder trial, 'Nothing Lasts Forever' lays bare the ambitions and fears of healers and killers, lovers and betrayers in a heart-stopping story you wish would never end…

Master Of The Game


Kate Blackwell is one of the richest and most powerful women in the world. She is an enigma, a woman surrounded by a thousand unanswered questions. Her father was a diamond prospector who struck it rich beyond his wildest dreams. Her mother was the daughter of a crooked Afrikaner merchant. Her conception was itself an act of hate-filled vengeance. At the extravagant celebrations of her ninetieth birthday, there are toasts from a Supreme Court Judge and a telegram from the White House. And for Kate there are ghosts, ghosts of absent friends and of enemies. Ghosts from a life of blackmail and murder. Ghosts from an empire spawned by naked ambition. Sidney Sheldon is one of the most popular storytellers in the world. This is one of his best-loved novels, a compulsively readable thriller, packed with suspense, intrigue and passion. It will recruit a new generation of fans to his writing.

The Other Side Of Midnight


A gripping, glamorous novel of scorching sensuality and heart-stopping evil. A beautiful French actress whose craving for passion and vengeance takes her from the gutters of Paris to the bedroom of a powerful billionaire; a dynamic Greek tycoon who never forgets an insult, never forgives an injury; and a handsome war hero lured from his wife by another woman. From Paris to Washington, Hollywood to the islands of Greece, The Other Side of Midnight is the story of four star-crossed lives enmeshed in a deadly ritual of passion, intrigue and corruption.

Memories Of Midnight


The internationally best-selling 'The Other Side of Midnight' was dominated by the man who is Sheldon's most magnificent creation…

Constantin Demiris

Billionaire, art lover, womanizer…and killer. To Noelle, the woman who betrayed him, and Larry, the man who stole her, Demiris brought a chilling retribution. But Demiris’ terrible revenge is far from complete…

Loannina, Greece

In the seclusion of a remote convent a young woman emerges from the trauma of memory loss…

Catherine Alexander

Larry’s widow, sees Demiris as a benefactor, the man who restores her faith in the future. How can she know the fate he has in store, or that her life is bound up with other victims of his mighty ego?

From the exotic shores of the Mediterranean to post-war London, 'Memories of Midnight' is a passionate, unforgettable story of an innocent woman’s fight against a terrifying destiny.

Morning, Noon & Night


The Stanford family is one of the most respected in America – but behind the facade of fame and glamour lies a hidden web of blackmail, drugs and murder…

When Harry Stanford, one of the wealthiest men in the world, mysteriously drowns while cruising on his yacht off the rugged coast of Corsica, it sets off a chain of events that reverberates around the globe.

At the family gathering following the funeral in Boston, a strikingly beautiful young woman appears. She claims to be Stanford's daughter and entitled to a share of the tycoon's estate. Is she genuine, or is she an imposter?

Sweeping from the splendors of the Italian Riviera, to the fashion salons of Paris and New York, and the élite opulence of Boston and Florida, 'Morning, Noon & Night' twists and turns its way through intrigue, smoke and mirrors to a surprise ending you'll never forget…

The Sands Of Time


Spain, a land of eternal passion and unceasing bloodshed. From the vengeance of a pitiless tyrant, four women flee the sacred, once-safe walls of a convent: LUCIA, the proud survivor harboring a murderous secret from the savage clan wars of Sicily...GRACIELLA, the beauty still unpurged of guilt from one reckless, youthful sin...MEGAN, the orphan seeking perilous refuge in the arms of a defiant Basque rebel...and TERESA, the believer haunted by a faith that mocks her with silence. Leaving innocence but not hope behind, they venture into an alien, dazzling world, where each will encounter an unexpected destiny -- and the truth about herself.

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  1. Sidney Sheldon has yet again proved his caliber in writing a gripping thriller that is centered around the act of euthanasia. Its acceptance level amongst the public & which drives a doctor to charges of murdering her own patient. The story is a perfect blend of romance, suspicion, friendship, and above all the intriguing challenges that doctors/medical residents have to face in their everyday hospital routine.